Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring? Maybe???

We had some warm Chinook winds last week and it melted/compacted a lot of snow. It's the first time we've seen sagebrush and even some bare ground since early October.

Yesterday, we saw a flock of about a dozen male mountain bluebirds camped out in our trees. COLOR! These bluebirds are a bright cobalt blue with a rosy breast. Today, we have a flock of Savannah and sage sparrows picking through the tumbleweed seeds.

However, it did snow again last night, several inches. The wind is roaring, so the snow is drifting, and it looks like I'll have to shovel out a path from the back door. Crum.

It'll still snow for awhile, but the days are getting longer and generally warmer. Spring might be around the corner.

 Copyright 2011 by Katherine Palochak

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