Friday, March 25, 2011

Living in Wyoming

Our family lives in a remote area of Wyoming, using alternative energy, because we didn't have an alternative since the nearest power lines are 15 miles away.

It snows a lot here, and frequently the only way into or out of our place is by skis, snowmobile or snowshoe. We can be snowbound for months at a time, up to 5-1/2 months. It allows for a lot of time to be creative.

The nearest grocery store, gas station, restaurant, postal service, library, or any other thing most people would consider to be normal, is 30 miles away.

When looking at various shades of white snow for a good deal of the year, I'm eager to use stones with lots of color and interesting patterns.

It's always an adventure and frequently a challenge!

Copyright 2011 by Katherine Palochak


  1. Almost scary looking. You, my friend, are not nearly as crazy as you have every right to be.