Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making Jewelry Storybook--12-sided citrine gemstone necklace

The gem: a decahedron (12-sided) double star cut orange citrine, 13+ carats.

The setting before soldering, with the seat ring at the top ready to be put in after the setting is soldered.

The setting is soldered and the seat is soldered inside the setting. Now I'm working on the crown with a file. This file is sharp! I have a band-aid on to prevent cutting myself with the file.

I'm refining the crown with a small hand file. Notice I now have 2 band-aids on because I cut my other finger with the sharp file, and I don't want to keep having bloody fingers. Super glue is great for putting cuts back together, but need to prevent them in the first place.

I'm polishing the crown setting with a pumice wheel.

This shows the completed crown setting. You can see the seat ring soldered inside. This is for the stone to lay on. The crown points have relief cuts to protect the sides of the stone from chipping, and so the points will bend over more easily, since it's made from heavy gauge sheet. A bail for the chain has been soldered on, and it's pre-polished before setting.

This is the completed necklace with the stone set.

A little better photo with a close up of the stone.

And the final piece with the neck wire that has a spring compression clasp. The neck wire looks a little odd in the photo because it has a slight curve in it to compensate for laying on the collarbones so that the wire looks circular in appearance.


  1. This one is a winner plus I loved seeing how you handled the file. That citrine just glows from inside doesn't it. Congratulations on a wonderful piece!

    1. Thanks Louise! You always have such nice things to say about my work. And that citrine is gorgeous!