Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ta-Daaah! New Studio!

Woo-hoo! I'm so excited about my new studio! My awesome husband is still putting the finishing touches on it, but I couldn't wait any longer to move in.

I'm in love with it. It's bright, cheery, has a view, enough space for me to more around in, and warm in the winter. So, check it out.

New studio view 1

On the left is my big heavy work table that has all my big equipment on it: scroll saw, bench polisher, hydraulic press, shear and brake, and a vise. The thing under the towel is my rolling mill. My work bench is next to the windows, and between the work bench and the work table is my map chest that holds my stones, findings and small hand tools.

New studio view 2

And, over to the left further, you see my big storage rack that holds a lot of my reference materials, some of my equipment, display cases, and various solutions and chemicals.

New studio view 3

Now notice my rolling carts. Is that cool, or what? If I have to have something closer to the bench, or somewhere else in the studio, I just roll it over. Also, dust bunnies and skittering stones can't hide out under them anymore.
Oh, and I went a little crazy with the label maker, because everything was reorganized, so I put labels on everything in hope I'd be able to figure out where I put something.
Expecting some good stuff to come out of here soon!

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