Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Making Jewelry Storybook--Black Onyx Bracelet


Black Onyx Bracelet

Black onyx bracelet with filigree wires

To start the bracelet, several wires are soldered together. A setting is made and placed between the wires and soldered into place.

 The setting for the stone is inserted

The filigree wires are made by twisting two round wires together, then flattening them on two sides. This gives the appearance of scallops. The wires are soldered into place. Boy, it's time to clean the schmutz off my soldering block!

The filigree wires are inserted

The bracelet is formed into its final shape. The ends are rounded and the file work is done. It's ready for a prepolish and setting the stone.

The bracelet is bent into a cuff shape
This is another view of the finished piece on the back side. You notice that the back plate of the stone setting has hearts embossed on it?

The back side of the bracelet 

Here's a snowflake obsidian bracelet that's similar, but with more filigree wires.
Snowflake obsidian bracelet


Side view

This is the back side of the obsidian bracelet, where I've cut out a spray of flowers. Just a special little touch known to the owner.

The back side of the snowflake obsidian bracelet
Black stones always go very well with silver because of the high contrast between the silver and the black. Silver is considered to be one of the whitest precious metals.


  1. So beautiful! The backs are so nice, I usually do swirls on the back, but yours is so nice!

  2. Thank you, Roos. I think swirls would be nice too. A piece of jewelry with a little detail on the back of a piece makes it something out of the ordinary. I think the person who receives something with that type of attention to detail appreciates that they have something that is handmade and very special. It's something they can keep secret or share with others.